Plastic Surgeon, the UK’s leading specialist surface repair firm, has used its skills to enhance the external brickwork of a newly developed retirement living complex in Portobello, Edinburgh.

The project, Jameson Gate, has been recently developed by McCarthy & Stone, the UK’s leading retirement housebuilder.

Catering for retirement living, the development is aimed at those who are aged over 60 and, as well as providing facilities such as a sunroom and roof terrace, features 20 one-bedroomed apartments and 22 two-bedroomed apartments. Described as ‘luxurious and stylish’, the building is built to a high specification incorporating quality design.

Plastic Surgeon’s involvement with the project came about when the external brickwork of the building didn’t meet the exacting standards demanded by McCarthy & Stone. During the kilning stage of the bricks’ production, the required colour was lost, which meant that upon completion the building didn’t match the style of existing brick buildings nearby.

Given the historic nature of the location and not wanting to detract from the character of the local surrounds, McCarthy & Stone called upon Plastic Surgeon’s specialist skills to rectify the situation and ‘tint’ the brickwork to give it the appropriate colouring.

The process of tinting requires each individual brick to be applied with a specialised tinting agent, with the Finisher needing to colour match by eye to create the necessary effect. The Jameson Gate development is built to a height of four storeys, so the job required heavy plant equipment and hydraulic cranes to complete thanks to the height of some of the brickwork.

Having set an initial timetable of 3 and a half months to complete the brick tinting, McCarthy & Stone was eager for the work to be finished as quickly as possible. Wanting to demonstrate its capabilities, Plastic Surgeon upped the number of specialists working on the project, using a team of between 4 and 6 of its Finishers per day, which saw the work completed in just 6 weeks; more than halving the original target.

Richard Moreton, Housebuild Sales Manager for Plastic Surgeon Scotland, said: “The brick tinting work at the Jameson Gate development was a serious undertaking thanks to the scale of the project. With that amount of exposed brickwork, covering 4 storeys and over 40 apartments, our Finishers were under pressure to get it finished within the timeframe. The fact we’ve managed to do it in half the time of the initial target is testament to both our Finisher’s capabilities and the skill of the management team who’ve worked hard to allocate sufficient resource to get the job done swiftly, exceeding our client’s expectations.”

With the development now well on the way to completion, Jameson Gate has already had all of its apartments fully reserved by future residents, which is indicative of the quality of the project.

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