Inspections are a vital Quality Assurance function on any construction project. Managing these in the traditional manner using a paper based system, can be a time consuming and inefficient. It also exposes a level of risk to the project, in that paper can easily be misplaced, and is hard to access and reference at a point in time in the future, as it is often buried away in boxes or containers.

We have seen a recent major international project receive wide spread media attention due to 60% of the paper based inspection records not being able to be located. In this day and age, where technology is so accessible, this situation should never occur. We will often say to our Clients, “you cannot innovate if you keep doing what you have always done”.

One of our recent projects was to assist an existing Client in streamlining and digitalising their Inspection Process. Our Scenario ENTERPRISE application, which is a flexible and comprehensive project information and document management system, was already handling a large part of the project lifecycle information for them – but they wanted to look to innovate and improve in Quality Assurance. Our Scenario Mobile Application would be the solution to their issue.

Scenario provided the scheduling, execution and monitoring of the end to end Inspection Process – with overall workflow management. With the Scenario Mobile Application in place and being used in the field, the Project Team were able to quickly and effectively manage the Inspection process, from request through to approval. The process was shifted from a paper based system to a 100% paperless process – completely digitalised.

To date over 400,000 Inspections have been raised on the project through Scenario, without a single piece of paper being printed. That’s over a million pieces of paper saved. Think about how many trees we have saved!

Whilst saving paper and the environment were a key benefit, the Project Team quickly realised that having all the Inspections and supporting information stored in Scenario, they were able to interrogate the data to the give them key performance indicators for the project e.g. % of inspections rejected, inspection progress to date and a multitude of others. This provided visibility, auditability and allowed them to manage the Quality Assurance in a proactive way.

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