There are many checks, briefings and inspections that need to happen to satisfy numerous regulatory and client requirements. From Daily Briefings to Environmental Audits and Site Safety Inspections to CDM Regulations, there are a number of activities that need to be carried out to ensure a safe, healthy and compliant site for all.

Despite us being in the 21st Century and data being king, the construction industry has been slow to move to paperless practices.

According to an article in Highways Today (January 2018), “Organisations in the construction sectors are among those that rely the most on paper…”

Aside from the environmental benefits of reducing paper use and waste, the benefits to business of going paperless are huge. Less paper means less cost, less waste, less time filing and less cabinets requiring less space. Holding information online means more transparency and visibility of data whilst being able to access information quickly and easily. And moving to a paperless site or office can lead to more accountability in terms of health and safety.

The new INSPCT app provides the construction industry with a simple and easy to use platform to record information, upload photos, monitor and report back. It provides a real time information that can be quickly accessed by site workers, supervisors or management.

How will a reporting app make life on site easier?

DABs and NABs

Utilise the INSPCT app to help manage your Daily and Nightly Activity Briefings. By creating a standardised template that easily lists and records all areas that must be covered within each briefing, you will consistently communicate all important areas to all workers. You can then create a pdf and email to each worker, print the briefing to give to each worker or display on a shared notice board.

The CDM Regulations 2015

Whether you’re a Designer, Contractor or Worker involved in a construction project you will have a legal duty of some level under CDM 2015.

For some, the lists and plans can be extensive and must be communicated to a number of clients and individuals. Preparing templates using the INSPCT app provides an easy format to create, use, manage and distribute plans and processes to all who need them. Once prepared on the app, it’s then easy to login and use anywhere and anytime, with or without WiFi or 4G.

Site Safety Inspections

Poorly managed sites can lead to poor productivity which in turn leads to projects that over run. This could result in fines, legal action and potential loss of reputation. With watertight site safety inspections, you could save time and money and of courses, lives.

The INSPCT app allows templates to be created based on what needs to be inspected, by whom, by when and provides a report for follow up with all the data stored in one place. Reports can be emailed to or printed for clients, management or colleagues and tasks assigned for follow up.

These tasks can also be created on INSPCT so that full accountability for completion is transparent and seen by all.

This level of care and attention to detail can only be gained by using an online platform where all reporting and submissions are done in real time with no delays caused by paperwork having to physically move from one location to another.

Of course these activities are just a few examples of how INSPCT can help you achieve better health and safety in your Construction role and the sites you manage. Visit us on Stand C20 and talk to us about other ways we can help, such as Manual Handling Assessments, Working at Height, Scaffolding Inspections and Mental Health and Well-Being. You can also try the app before it’s even launched!

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