Award Categories

Scotland Build Excellence Award

This award celebrates the outstanding contribution of an individual to Scotland’s construction industry over the year, voted by our judges and, for the first time, the general public.


Sustainable Construction Award

Sustainability has become a key consideration for every construction project. This award will recognise outstanding achievement and success during building projects.

Regeneration Project of the Year

Scotland is evolving at a rapid rate, with major regeneration projects appearing all over the capital. This award praises those who often have the challenging task of maintaining historical identity and context, whilst bringing it into the 21st century, in order to create lasting future communities.

Contractor of the Year

Focusing on the overall contribution by a main contractor to the Scottish landscape. Judged upon quality of projects and the limitations of disruption to the local environment

Supplier of the Year

The industry relies on a number of stakeholders to keep projects moving. Supplier of the year is a company that provides quality, on time, every time.

Project Design of the Year

Once in a while, the design of a building will extend beyond the realms of expectation, creating excitement, intrigue and awe. This award will celebrate projects that have been designed in such a way in order to be sympathetic to the environment & surroundings, functional for purpose, and innovative in style.

Innovation of the Year – Manufacturing

In recognition of the importance of the Manufacturing of innovative equipment, machinery etc. in the construction industry, this award will highlight cutting edge Manufacturers.

Innovation of the Year – Software

In recognition of the importance of the development of innovative software and technology for the construction sector, this award will highlight cutting-edge software solutions.

Innovation of the Year – Materials

In recognition of the importance of Innovative Materials in the construction industry, this award will celebrate cutting-edge materials.

Marketing Initiative of the Year

Scotland is both invigorating and challenging for any marketing team, how can your message be heard amid a cacophony of noise? This award celebrates an outstanding campaign for either a project or a company, from internal or external marketing teams.

Health and Safety Solution of the Year

Providing a safe working environment is vital. This award celebrates outstanding contribution to improved H&S in the industry, whether through a specific product or through process adaptation.

Apprenticeship Scheme of the Year

In an industry that is seeking a significant number of skilled labour, apprenticeship schemes are the cornerstone of providing the next generation of builders, architects & surveyors, this award will reward ambitious and creative schemes to encourage young people into the construction industry.