CPD Workshops

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The Future of Buildings
• How the future of buildings will be shaped?
• What are the smart approaches to the futuristic buildings?
• Innovative solutions of insulating building boards

Data Driven Design and Fabrication
• Technology is Not One Size Fits All. Build your tool kit based on your business needs
• Innovation is Evolution. Legacy information and tools. Transforming legacy. Innovations that meets your needs
• Data Driven Design and Fabrication. Case study on Data driven design and fabrication process
• The Other BIMs and why they matter? Business Information Management and Business Integration Model

Pushing beyond BIM to True VDC
• Delivering true Developer value of predictable schedules and cost
• How model visualization improves design processes
• How reality capture enhances quality assurance

Implementing BIM on Large Scale Infrastructure Projects
• How BIM and the latest technological leaps in reality capture, mobility and virtual reality interfaces are rewriting the rules of how large scale infrastructure projects can be planned, designed, constructed and operated
• Examples of a mega project like East Side Access will show how a massive transportation project can be successfully converted from a 2D, “paper” based project into one of the largest interconnected BIMs in the world
• Demonstration how Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality is used for virtual mock ups, planning, safety and facility training

Challenges of Creating the Information Model of Everything
• BIM to Facility Information Model
• Liberating Life Cycle Data
• Impact of AI, Big Data and IoT on AEC Space

 Passive House: The Pathway to a Sustainable Built Environment
• Introduction to Passive House
• How Passive House contributes to the UK's overall Green House Gas reduction targets
• How Passive House applies to Scotland's market
• Results from studies looking at Passive House for high rise residential buildings

How Better Team Communication Improves Energy Code Compliance
• Improve communication with subs and employees to remove barriers to energy code compliance
• Understand new air sealing challenges and how to pass the blower door test
• Learn right-sizing requirements for mechanical equipment submittals
• Identify and understand how to pass all new energy code inspections

The Latest Discoveries in Future Building Processes and Materials
• Advanced solutions for design, investment and delivery
• Innovation in sustainable building materials
• Processes to reduce carbon emissions

Conflict on the Job Site: How to Resolve & Leverage Hostility for a Successful Project
• Anticipating and preparing for confrontations
• Defusing tense situations and finding common ground
• Strengthening relationships on the jobsite

Systematic Method of Construction Management, from Design to Occupancy
• Pre-Construction Development Phase
• Design and Drawings
• Establishing Construction Cost
• Construction Management

The WELL Building Standard™
• Discussion of the various ways businesses can improve the well-being of their employees by altering the building and the environment in which they work
• The importance and benefits of designing buildings with health and well-being in mind with a focus on the end-user experience
• Practical ideas and options for improving well-being
• Cundall’s experience of delivering the first project in Europe designed in accordance with the WELL Building Standard®, One Carter Lane, which they now occupy

HSE Workshop 
• Health & Safety Awareness
• In-depth analysis of health, safety, welfare and environmental issues
• Identifying responsibilities, employers' duties and what should be done if HSE is put at risk

Design for Fire Safety - Fire Safety in Residential Buildings
• What's the latest
• The current regulatory and procurement regime for buildings in the UK
• With whom does fault lie – legal logistics
• Protecting residents of high rise buildings north of the border
• Government plans to install sprinkler installation system

Construction Regulatory Update
• Name the most frequently cited standards in construction
• Address construction regulatory updates
• Statistics of construction industry fatalities
• Provide information about the national safety stand-down to prevent falls in construction

Deadly Skyline: Promoting Construction Safety in Scotland
• Presentation of statistics on construction fatalities and injuries
• Discussion on what makes construction sites safer
• Legislative recommendations to increase safety on construction sites

Maximising Media Coverage of your Architectural, Construction, and Real Estate Development Projects 
• The function of media relations as part of an AEC or real estate firm’s marketing toolbox
• Uncovering the news value of design, construction, and development projects
• Approaching the media and developing press materials
• Utilising events – groundbreakings, topping-outs, and openings – to attract the media
• The role of visuals in publicising construction and architectural projects
• Other media coverage opportunities: new hires, promotions, involvement in industry groups, and charity activities
• Crisis media management – accidents, injuries, and lawsuits
• Do’s and don’ts of working with the media

Other sessions include:

An Introduction to Offsite Construction – Design, Construction, Technology and Engineering

The Project Management Implications of Pre-Fab and Offsite Construction

Light Gauge Steel - Best Practice in Design, Connection and Application

Offsite Implementation - Counting Cost and Time Effectiveness

Leadership, Ethics, and New Concepts in Construction Project Delivery