CPD Workshops

Day One - 22nd November

10.00 Skills Development in Scotland: Increasing Employability


Peter Campbell, Learning & Skills Executive, JB Management (Scotland) Ltd

10.50 Innovating & Inspiring the Future Generation 

  • Is the construction industry fit to inspire generation Z?


Stephen Good, CEO, Construction Scotland Innovation Centre

11.40 Opportunities to Do Things Differently

  • New and emerging markets
  • Addressing latent demand
  • Creating places that work


Petra Biberbach, Chief Executive, PAS

12.30 Digital Asset Management to Support Infrastructure Decommissioning


Chris Conroy, BIM Manager, Arcadis

13.20 Making the Most of PR

  • How organisations in the built environment sector can make the most of PR
  • What are the benefits of this
  • Top tips on using PR to achieve your goals
  • Where it most often goes wrong
  • Examples of good practice that apply to large and small organisations


Lesley Ferguson, Communications Director, Perceptive Communicators

Candace Watermeyer, PR & Social Media Manager, Perceptive Communicators

14.10 Developing Skills and Training in Construction

  • Community benefits and the client-based approach
  • CITB training groups and the supply chain engagement
  • CITB funding


John Keenan, Partnerships Manager, CITB

Barry Dawson, Local Manager, CITB

Laura Stoddart, Advisor, CITB

15.00 Social Enterprise - Addressing the Skills Shortage

  • Making CSR an integral aspect of your business strategy
  • Developing a “not for profit” business, Constructing Futures, to run alongside your existing business
  • Utilising the knowledge base Contract Scotland possesses for the benefit of those furthest removed from the workplace
  • How can you satisfy CSR clauses in the tender process?


Colin Woodward, Chairman, Contract Scotland

15.50 Effective Use of Social Media in Construction

  • How to reduce overall marketing expenditure
  • Selling houses through Facebook
  • Have 1 - 2 - 1 automated conversations with your defined audience 
  • How can you be GDPR compliant from May 2018?


Dael Links, Social Messaging Operations Manager, Digitonic

16.30 Close of Workshops

Day Two - 23rd November

10.00 Total Fire Engineering through Design, Construction and Management

  • The Arup philosophy of total fire engineering and its contribution to a holistic fire safety approach
  • The value of the fire engineer
  • Contribution to design tools to a fire engineered design
  • Fire safety through the construction process
  • Fire safety engineering in the operational building


Chris Macdonald, Engineer - Fire Engineering, Arup

Cameron Aitchison, Engineer - Fire Engineering, Arup

10.50 What Do Our Clients Really Want?

  • Where should we focus our efforts?

  • What are our key priorities?


Ian Heptonstall, Director, Supply Chain Sustainability School

11.40 Scotland’s Collaborative Construction Maker Space

  • Hear how the digitally driven construction agenda will help solve industry’s strategic challenges
  • See what rapid prototyping, visualisation, robotics, offsite construction and BIM could do for your business
  • Hear about how other organisations have innovated – and the benefits
  • Find out about how to access expertise, funding, facilities and training – and join a collaborative community


Rohan Bush, Business Relationship Manager, Construction Scotland Innovation Centre

12.30 The Well-Building Standard

  • Healthy materials
  • The importance of biophilic design
  • Improving indoor air and water quality
  • Designing for human comfort
  • Acoustic soundscapes and design
  • Monitoring environmental performance
  • Circadian lighting systems and lighting for people


Mariana Trusson, Associate Director, Cundall

13.20 Natural Cement - The Industry's Best Kept Secret


Phil Richardson, Director, Natural Cement

14.10 The Modern Timber House in the UK


Peter Wilson, Director, Timber Design Initiatives Ltd.

15.00 An Open Mind to Heritage

  • An overview of Glasgow's Historical Built Environment
  • Case studies from past work which highlight the opportunities and benefits of working with and reusing historical buildings in the city


Michael Goodger, Traditional Skills Officer, Glasgow City Heritage Trust

Gemma Wild, Heritage Outreach Officer, Glasgow City Heritage Trust

15.50 Close of Workshops