Digital Construction & BIM programme

10.30 The Future of Digital Construction

• What are the technologies that will change the way we execute and manage construction projects


10.55 BIM & The Latest Technology

• BIM and the latest technological leaps in reality capture, mobility and virtual reality interfaces

• Rewriting the rules of how large scale infrastructure projects can be planned, designed, constructed and operated. Examples of mega projects


11.20 Building Architecture through Technology

• How do we utilise technology to properly execute the architect’s design vision, while also collaborating on the constructability of the project?

• How do we effectively communicate with all team members, while avoiding “information overload”?

• How do we use technology to slow down the process so we can “think clearly” and yet deliver projects on time?


11.45 VR for Real Estate: What’s Real and What’s Hype

• What exactly is VR?

• Is Virtual Reality over-hyped? Is it just for gamers?

• How did we get here? (Trends in digital marketing and gadgets)

• We know the categories like auto and real estate are typically early

adopters of new technology - how are home builders, developers and

realtors using VR right now?

• Where will Virtual Reality be in 3, 5, 7 and even 10 years?


12.10 What Technology Means to Architectural Practice

• Increasing efficiency and accuracy: how architects can harness

technology to serve clients in new ways

• Managing large-volume design programs, from prototype rollouts, to brand re-imaging, to ADA Compliance programs across multiple locations


12.35 Rethinking the digital designing process

• Influences of parametric modelling and digital processes on design

• Case studies of successful and not so successful applications of parametric design

• Rethinking the process and creating awareness of limitations and opportunities

• Comparisons to other disciplines and lessons learned from them


13.00 Networking and Exhibition Tour