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Site Diary

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“Keep It Simple, Stupid”. This would be the best expression to describe our approach of a market in need for simple tools. Indeed, while being the second largest industry worldwide, the construction industry is the 2nd least digitalised, which leads to a strong lack of productivity, dramatic delays in project delivery, and increasing budget overruns. Why? Because all the brilliant yet complicated technologies developed over the past years have been dedicated to delivering perfectly designed projects, benefiting office workers but completely overlooking the efficiency of the building stages.

Site Diary is a simple yet powerful field management app that enables site workers to keep record on their daily activity and improve collaboration amongst teams, subcontractors, as well as between field and office teams. Site Diary paves the future for a collaborative and dynamic mobile workforce within the Construction Industry. What’s more, with a well-kept site diary app, you will have tangible proof in case of commercial dispute and will be able to get paid faster.