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ThinStone Ireland are specialists in lightweight stone cladding which is one inch in thickness. 

This is offered in both Sandstone and Limestone. Because of it’s slimmer thickness and much lighter weight, it can be fixed directly to the wall structure with a special adhesive. 

This direct fixing means that there are no supports needed over windows or doors and both the footprint and the roof area of the building are also reduced. 

ThinStone is also ideal for retro-fit projects where the roof overhang is generally too shallow to take standard eight inch thickness building stone. 

As against standard building stone, ThinStone is faster and easier to fit, less costly and makes the whole building project simpler by avoiding the need for supports. It is as well far easier on the bodies of stonemasons as there is no heavy lifting and very little chiselling involved.  

ThinStone Ireland are very well established in Ireland and are the leading supplier of natural stone facing. 

We are currently seeking suitable partners to work with in Scotland