Future of Construction – Speaker Programme

Day 1 – November 22nd

10.55 The Time of Change
• Brexit and the construction industry
• Post general election: Forecasts and challenges
• The reform of Freedom of Movement across the EU – How might this affect the industry?
• The future impact of digital, AI and new technology

11.30 Panel Discussion: The UK Housing Crisis – Meeting Demand
• Demand for building homes vs. the shrinking workforce
• Long-term planning for affordable housing – The latest policy initiatives
• Pursuing affordable housing. What is being done to meet the demands of the ambitious house-building programme
• Resource Planning Assumptions (RPAs) for 2017-2018
• Preserving affordability and quality vs increasing land and construction costs
• Government subsidies and city financing tools available

11.55 The “Kier Effect” Successfully Delivering Community Benefit
• How the construction industry can support the Public Sector on the delivery of their Community Benefit requirements
• Community Benefit in action
• Community Benefit evaluation tools
• A view on where Community Benefit is going

12.20 Panel Discussion: How Can We Create a Wealth of New Talent for Construction, Architecture and Engineering?
• Investing in UK talent
• Driving industry attractiveness for young blood
• Equality and diversity

12.55 Growth & Development of the UK’s Construction Industry
Innovative approaches to supporting growth in the industry
Productivity, profitability and performance
Investing in the UK’s largest infrastructure and housing projects
What can the UK construction industry learn from overseas?
Technology adoption – Embracing disruption and preparing for the digital future