Sustainability Summit – Speaker Programme

14.00 Energy Efficiency in Commercial Properties
• No Capital Investment Required
• Landlords Can Maximise Rental Income
• Blue Chip Clients Already Seeking Energy Efficient Premises
• Secure Energy Prices Over A Long Period
• Immediate Cost Savings

14.25 Designing Buildings that are Environmentally Responsible, Economically Logical and Socially Just
• Meeting and exceeding sustainability targets
• Addressing the needs of diverse populations,
• Promote healthy living,
• Being good neighbors
• Realising it all within budgets and timeframes set by clients.
• Strategies to get the most design bang for your client’s buck
• Illustrate through case study how design excellence can be fostered even in challenging conditions

14.50 Sustainable Design
• How sustainable affordable housing is transforming Scotland
• How do we move Passive House to the standard for construction?
• How Passive House creates passive resiliency

15.15 The Potential for Green Residential Real Estate and Green Living
• The current lack of demand relative to supply for green residential real estate
• Communicating to the public the benefits and potential for green residential real estate
• Options for greening one's residential footprint

15.40 Panel Discussion: Redefining Sustainability
• Reducing emissions – The next steps to take
• Developing low carbon infrastructure
• Meeting the demand of clean heat