Japanese garden – design principles

Do you want to make a Japanese garden yourself? Forget it. Do you want to make Japanese composition yourself? Here you go! All you need is a pinch of knowledge and a few basic rules. In This Article: Arrangement Characteristics Care Plants for a Japanese garden Arrangement A Japanese garden is supposed to imitate nature. […]

The rules of watering the lawn

When to water your lawn? In the morning or evening? How many times a week? The answers to those hard questions will help you create a beautiful and healthy lawn. On this page How much water does the lawn need? The watering techniques Time of day – when to water your lawn? How much water […]

How to plant a hedge? A guide

The type of hedge you wish to plant in your garden depends not only on your own personal preference, but also on the function that it’s supposed to perform, the subsequent method of maintenance (especially Trimming) and the location in which it will be planted. Read our guide and plant a hedge of your own. […]