Quick and cheap kitchen makeover – furniture painting

furniture painting

Kitchen furniture painting is a way to quickly do a Kitchen makeover. A minor change, yet it can transform the entire interior and give it a whole new character.
If you’ve grown bored of how your cupboards look now and you’re wondering how to renovate the kitchen furniture, but can’t afford new furnishing, you can simply paint the old one. Kitchen furniture painting is pretty Time-consuming, but the end result will surely make it worth the effort.

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Renovation of old furniture

If you want to achieve a permanent result of old furniture painting, you need to adequately prepare it. First and foremost, cupboards have to be thoroughly cleaned (we can use a regular dish soap) and degreased (with denatured alcohol for example), and then have their outer layer peeled off. The best for that purpose will be a grinder with 100 thickness Sandpaper. If the wood has any holes in it, we can spackle them up and file with Sandpaper.

Furniture painting – where to start?

Furniture painting has to be started with applying primer paint on the furniture, which will make the main paint stick to the surface. We start to apply the primer paint from the inside. Once it dries, we paint the other side.

Once the primer paint dries completely, we need to polish the surface. All the unevennesses on the cupboard fronts are best to be Polished manually, for larger surfaces a grinder should be used. Next we remove dirt and dust from the cupboards with a vacuum cleaner and wipe them with an anti-static cloth. If the surface isn’t perfectly smooth, we repeat the process, which means applying primer paint again and polishing with Sandpaper.

Kitchen furniture paints

We choose the paint depending on what material the kitchen furniture is made of. Paints available at stores can be used for furniture made of:

  • wood,
  • aluminum,
  • plastic.

Kitchen furniture paint has to be Durable enough not to chip or rub off after several years of using the cupboards. The most popular types are:

  • acrylic wood paint,
  • alkyd paint,
  • chalk paints,
  • oil paints for furniture,
  • acrylic-based emulsions,
  • enamels.
furniture painting

Furniture painting

Furniture painting should be started with getting the right tools. We’ll need brushes, the best ones are the flat type or rollers (of different sizes). We start painting from the center of the fronts, then move to the edges. We apply a thin layer of paint on the cupboard surface along the fronts. We leave it to dry by laying them Horizontally.

Next we flip them over and paint. Cupboards have to be painted twice, making sure to apply the paint in the opposite direction this time. If we wish to achieve a completely smooth surface, we spray-paint the last layer. In such case, we start painting from the cupboard edges, then move to the center.