For some, replacing a traditional fireplace with a gas one is an efficient and convenient solution. However, some traditionalists avoid this type of fireplace insert. Are their concerns justified? Why choose a product that could prove to be a better choice than a traditional fireplace.

A convenient solution

Installation of a gas fireplace with a closed combustion chamber does not require a chimney. It is only necessary for the room in which it will be installed to be equipped with an air and flue pipe. Gas fireplaces are becoming Increasingly popular due to the fact that they do not require as much maintenance as classic wood-burning fireplace inserts. Their users do not need to add logs, light it up or sweep and dispose ash.

Safety and environment

Gas fireplaces can be powered by natural gas or LPG (liquid) gas. The devices can be installed in almost any room – in a single-family house or apartment – that meets several requirements. The system of coaxial pipes enables the installation of a gas fireplace in rooms Without a chimney – it is sufficient to lead the pipe into the outside of the building’s wall or roof. The power source itself, i.e. gas, is one of the cleanest sources of energy, as the process of its combustion does not cause excessive emission of pollutants.

Gas fireplaces are equipped with special safety elements protecting against uncontrolled Gas outflow from the unit. The gas insert is adapted to connect a special concentric system which enables simultaneous supply of air and exhaust fumes to the outside of the building. In order to ensure the correct operation of the appliance, the fireplace should only be installed by a qualified person. Thanks to modern technology, its use is completely safe. They are equipped with a number of safety features which stop the flow of gas in an emergency situation.

Unique design

The simple and sublime design of gas fireplaces makes them suitable for any type of interior. The devices will serve well in both traditional and modern houses. You can choose a fireplace with side glazing as long as about 6 feet, which allows the creation of really Impressive arrangements. Their beauty is emphasized by an invisible facade frame and minimally visible steel elements. In addition, a specially designed burner provides a vision of a fire, as in a real wood-burning fireplace.

Hassle-free operation

The gas fireplace inserts are activated by pressing the corresponding button on a remote control. There is therefore no need to buy and store fuel or remove the ashes. No soot is deposited on the walls of the fireplace, so keeping it clean is much easier. A gas-fired fireplace burns evenly, which reduces the risk of its sudden burn-out. An additional advantage is that the flame can be freely adjusted. Another beneficial feature is that this type of fireplace gives off a similar amount of heat as a traditional one. Thus, it is a great source of Additional heating.

gas fireplace

Keep in mind

It is worth remembering that a gas fireplace can only be placed in a room with a cubic capacity of not less than 8m3. It is also necessary to have efficient exhaust Ventilation suitable for the type of gas used:

  • If the fireplace is powered by natural gas, the exhaust duct should be placed beneath the ceiling.
  • If using liquid gas – at the bottom by the floor, above ground level.