The decorative, lustrous and incredibly elegant glamour style has found its place in our houses for good. Which is no wonder, considering how we all like to surround ourselves with luxury and spoil ourselves a little from time to time – even if only in the interior way. Based on variations of the classic convention, playing around with dignified forms, valuing shiny fabrics, glistening crystals and silver&gold decorations, the glamour style needs to shine.

Glamour style interiors – whom are they for?

It is definitely not a style for everyone. Of course that could technically be said about any decor style, but when it comes to glamour, things are a little more complicated. First and foremost, you may as well forget about minimalism here. Glamour style interiors always have a lot going on in them and they are always (one way or another) pretty much “Rich people style”. It might come with its risks, though, not to mention the temptation to take it one step too far.

What is a glamour style interior like?

Glamour borrows a lot from the styles of bygone eras, especially from baroque, which is particularly visible in the ornaments and the form of furniture and of minor pieces of equipment. Items with fancier shapes are placed next to simple, modern furniture, like a minimalistic round table with a baroque armchair upholstered with soft plush. That way, glamour interiors maintain a modern and not a historical character, without overdoing it. The clash between Sophisticated classics and subtle modernity, on the other hand, really livens up interiors.

The element that binds it all together should be Luxurious vibes. High-quality materials, or alternatively their very good imitations, are a must. We may as well forget about natural materials such as bamboo and wicker.

Fabrics that are welcome include sateen, satin and the currently popular velour, which shimmer and reflect light. Another good option is jacquard fabrics and those with long hairs reminiscent of fur. Linens are better to be avoided. A perfect choice for decorative elements will be mirrors, like instead of a painting above the dresser.

glamour style

What is living in a glamour style apartment like?

The first thing that usually comes to mind when thinking of colors in a glamour style apartment is of course a palette of pinks and violets. There is no arguing that they will go perfectly with arrangements of this type. Interior arrangements may utilize, however, both brighter shades filled with colors as well as toned-down ones dabbed with a note of gray. We should also remember that too much of intense colors, even in a glamour style apartment, can be wearing. Which makes it a good idea to combine Strong interior colors with calmer yet very elegant beiges or dimmed greens. Another interesting solution might be glamour interior arrangements in a brighter style (like light gray), which will make accessories stand out.

Also of major decorative significance is the lighting, especially chandeliers. They may appear in such unexpected places as the kitchen, the bathroom or the wardrobe. At the same time, interiors in this style shouldn’t be too illuminated. There should be a few sources of light. It’s all about creating a sensual, slightly illusory atmosphere. A good accessory will be large white candles. When mounted in glass vessels made of translucent glass, they will cast reflections of light upon the surroundings.