The arrangement of the hallway is important as it showcases the house in general. In addition, it is usually small, often narrow and difficult to set up. This doesn’t mean that the hallway decor must be modest and focused only on practical functions. Just like the rest of the Living space, it can benefit from interesting furniture, details, and decorations.

The foundation – colours

Spacious hallway: the colours should be handled in a thoughtful way – first, properly selected colours will help optically adjust the shape of the room, and secondly – we have a small wall surface area, so not all Decorative procedures will make sense. So which colours are worth using? Just bright shades? Not necessarily. We can let ourselves have a fragment of a wall in a dark colour (graphite, brown and even black) when we have a long, narrow hall – painting narrower walls with these colours will make the interior optically shorter.

Dark colours will also work on a wall where we hang jackets and store shoes – if we cannot protect the wall with a wooden board, dark paint will not show dirt marks on the wall (and if we paint the wall with blackboard paint, it will be extremely resistant to abrasion).

A hallway in a house with a high ceiling (over 3m) can be optically lowered if we paint (with a colour other than white) its walls only ⅔ of the way – and leave anything beyond that including the ceiling, in white. A long and narrow hallway with 3 walls (where the fourth directly leads to a living room) can be shortened by painting a narrower wall using a darker colour, as well as a fragment of one of the longer walls.

Using wallpaper to enlarge a corridor

In order to optically enlarge an area, you don’t have to settle for subdued, bright colours only. The colour of the walls in a hallway can easily be overwhelmed by using a Few tricks that will further optically enlarge the corridor. For example, applying a photo wallpaper on one of the walls can create the impression of extra space.

Hallway wallpapers and photo wallpapers should also be in bright colours, such as shades of white, beige, light greys and blues or other bright pastels. Hallway wallpaper or photo wallpaper can be placed on the entire wall, or just on a section of it. Wallpapers with a pattern imitating natural stone are popular, which blend perfectly with white walls and a bright floor.

Spacious hallway

Practical decorations

Hangers and hooks are always useful in the hallway. They best fulfil the function of Practical decorations. An impressive standing hanger stylized as a tree is a great choice for a larger hallway. In smaller areas, various wall hangers are perfectly suitable. For example, decorative twisted shapes with colourful spheres that act as hooks. In the DIY version, you can utilize unused wooden hangers from your wardrobe.

As they are sturdy, they can easily hold even the heaviest coats. Other Practical decorations for the hallway are creative key lockers. They can, for example, come in the form of a bird feeder or a vintage style first-aid kit. The keys themselves can also take on a decorative role. All it takes is creating Unique cork keyrings! Also, shelves in the hallway can add charm with their extraordinary design. For example, a piece of driftwood adds natural charm to the overall arrangement – especially if you enrich it with decorative trinkets.