How to design a wardrobe without errors?

There are wardrobes available on the market these days that we can custom-design to fit our individual needs. We buy them with sliding doors that not only separate the bedroom from the closet but also make a nice decoration of our interior. How to design a wardrobe to make it functional? In This Article: Defining […]

Kitchen gadgets that make kitchen work easier

We all like gadgets, and kitchen ones are not only very helpful but are also characterized by their brilliant design. Here are a couple of ideas for kitchen gadgets that will make cooking more enjoyable and make the kitchen area beautiful and functional. In This Article: Storage methods Silicone is your friend Kitchen pragmatism Make […]

Oiling the floor – pros and cons

In the past, wooden floors were most commonly protected with oil, covering paints or transparent, shiny lacquers. For a few years now, another method of wood treatment has been gaining popularity, namely oiling. Not only are the oil-protected floorboards or parquet Silky smooth, Damp resistant and natural-looking, but it can also be done on your […]