How to design a wardrobe without errors?

wardrobe or closet

There are wardrobes available on the market these days that we can custom-design to fit our individual needs. We buy them with sliding doors that not only separate the bedroom from the closet but also make a nice decoration of our interior. How to design a wardrobe to make it functional? On this page Defining…

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Provencal style in interior – how to achieve it?

provencal style

Is it possible to transfer the Provencal style to a flat? Who hasn’t dreamt of a lazy holiday in a remote French province, seeing themself surrounded by Lavender fields, sipping fresh coffee every morning on a terracotta terrace among vines… why not try to bring this dream a little closer to our everyday surroundings? Here…

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How to arrange a functional and spacious hallway?

Spacious hallway

The arrangement of the hallway is important as it showcases the house in general. In addition, it is usually small, often narrow and difficult to set up. This doesn’t mean that the hallway decor must be modest and focused only on practical functions. Just like the rest of the living space, it can benefit from…

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Kitchen gadgets that make kitchen work easier

kitchen gadgets

We all like gadgets, and kitchen ones are not only very helpful but are also characterized by their brilliant design. Here are a couple of ideas for kitchen gadgets that will make cooking more enjoyable and make the kitchen area beautiful and functional. Table of contents Storage methods Silicone is your friend Kitchen pragmatism Make…

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Oiling the floor – pros and cons

oiling the floor

In the past, wooden floors were most commonly protected with oil, covering paints or transparent, shiny lacquers. For a few years now, another method of wood treatment has been gaining popularity, namely oiling. Not only are the oil-protected floorboards or parquet Silky smooth, damp resistant and Natural-looking, but it can also be done on your…

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