Foundation insulation – what should you know?

foundation insulation

If you skip the thermal insulation of the foundations, the heat from the house will escape towards the ground. Learn how to insulate foundations. On this page The most important rule Lightweight foundation insulation Medium foundation insulation Heavy insulation of foundations The most important rule The most important rule for proper insulation is to surround…

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What is the energy-efficient construction about?

energy-efficient construction

Why is it a good idea to build with energy efficiency? The advantages of the energy-efficient construction include reduced consumption of power and thus of natural resources required to produce it. Article contents Basic information An energy-efficient house – what does it mean? Proper thermal insulation Construction material – lower construction costs Solutions for energy-efficient…

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Let us introduce

Don’t know how to arrange your apartment? Are you considering different arrangement options? Struggling with choosing the color pattern for interiors? Are you interested in the property market and would like to learn its inner workings?
Or maybe you’re building a house from the ground up and are looking for professional advice in the area of constructions? If the answer to at least one of the above questions is yes, you’re in the right place. is a website for everyone who would like to arrange their house the best they could. Here you will find useful tips in the area of backyard arrangement, interior decor and the construction works process.
We write about formalities related to buying and selling properties. We look upon the wide offer on the market and point to the most beneficial options. We suggest how to handle the inconveniences of moving and which arrangement solutions are currently hot.

By using our website, you can be sure that you’re getting your knowledge from a reliable source. All of the articles we publish are based on thorough research that isn’t just limited to online sources.

It is our aim to create an extensive knowledge base on constructions, properties, interior arrangement and gardening. We put a lot of effort in making sure that the materials we post on the website don’t leave anything to be desired either in terms of substance or language. We hope you will be thrilled to visit us.

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