Is it possible to transfer the Provencal style to a flat? Who hasn’t dreamt of a lazy holiday in a remote French province, seeing themself surrounded by Lavender fields, sipping fresh coffee every morning on a terracotta terrace among vines… why not try to bring this dream a little closer to our everyday surroundings? Here we prove that it is possible – in interior design.

Distinctive features of the provencal style

  • Well lighted colours. On bigger surfaces: cream white, warm beiges, muted reds, and as the accents, colours inspired by the Provencal nature: pastel lilacs, light yellows, muted light greens.
  • Timeless furniture made by craftsmen with methods known for centuries, made out of solid wood in natural colours, rarely painted. Simple shapes, but finished with milled elements, e. g. cornices or columns, sometimes they also have modest woodcarving decorations.
  • Practical ornaments. The decorations are mostly utilitarian, e. g. unevenly glazed pottery and glassware with etched patterns, woven fruit baskets, Embroidered or printed fabrics, or openwork metal lanterns.
  • Themes alluding to nature. Patterns and ornaments showing plants typical for Provence, mainly Lavender, olive branches, or vines.

Table – the centre of the home

If we’re going for nostalgy, the furniture should tell a story. When decorating an interior in the Provencal style, it is worth it to search for furniture at a flea market – especially for a table. The Provencal life is sort of a slow life, and a big, old table made out of solid wood should be the centre of a Provencal home.

Placed in the dining room, the kitchen, or the living room, it will invite to sit, talk for hours, and drink good wine, relishing in the Beauty of life.

provencal style

Patina, cracks, and abrasions

Damaged ceiling beams, slightly shabby shutters, furniture covered with a delicate layer of patina, cracked countertops, blurred frames – all this gives the house a unique character. Fabrics should not hide their age either. Slightly frayed, knitted, light and delicate, they should look as if faded in the strong Provencal sun. If our apartment has a more modern character, we will get the right effect by Changing the appearance of the furniture. Let’s paint them in white or a pastel colour and try to age them slightly and also expose the original texture of the wood.

Wood, stone, and wrought iron

In the Provencal style, wood, stone and wrought iron are the key elements. Wooden floors and furniture – in a natural or bleached shade, with a clear grain pattern – will look captivating. Aged, washed wood will contrast beautifully with the roughness of matt stone surfaces. The interior will be completed with a bed with an iron, decorated frame, and a forged chandelier, lamp or candle holder.