Well-designed roof windows allow for comfortable use of the room. They will Illuminate the interior and give it an intimate and romantic atmosphere. Let’s remember that the main functions of the roof window are: efficient lighting of the rooms found in the attic area and adequate ventilation.

More light and better roof proportions

According to specialists, modern windows for attic provide 20-40% better lighting of the interior than vertical windows with the same glass surface. This is because more direct light falls through them and they are not blocked by trees or buildings surrounding the house. However, how the windows are arranged on the roof is Important.

More light reaches the interior through several small windows located at different points of the roof than through one large window of the same surface area, or by several windows grouped together in one place (this difference can reach up to 20%). Since the roof window systems typically consist of individual modules, their layout can be freely customized.

The choice of windows depends on a number of factors

Different types of windows are currently available on the market. Today, most commonly fitted are rotating, tilt-and-turn, but also skylight or knee wall windows. Which of them are optimal for a given place depends on many factors.

Some are an objective concept (roof pitch angle, roof structure, the height of mounted window), while others are certainly subjective (window allocation, customer preference for the amount of natural light, room arrangement). When making a final decision on the type of windows, all of the above factors should equally be taken into account. The rotating windows can be opened, but it can be difficult to get a view of the outside or lean over them.

However, when the customer expects something more (free access to the window, a wider view) it’s a good idea to install a tilt-and-turn window. A guarantee of the highest comfort and safety when leaving buildings directly through the roof is the purchase of typical skylight windows, which usually have a flap lock so that they do not slam shut. Other types of windows with different special functions are also available on the market, such as a roof balcony. It is useful to remember these Basic rules and indications when selecting and fitting windows. Only then will the mounted windows perform their function perfectly.

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Advantages and disadvantages of PVC and wooden windows

Advantages of PVC roof windows:

  • These windows do Not require the use of chemical agents in terms of maintenance.
  • PVC windows are much more durable.

Disadvantages of PVC roof windows:

  • They are more expensive than wooden windows.
  • Window veneer becomes discoloured and after a few years of use we have to replace the window with a new one.

Advantages of wooden roof windows:

  • They are cheaper than PVC roof windows.
  • In the case of wooden windows, we can sand and paint over discoloured varnish again
  • They are not sensitive to UV rays.

Disadvantages of wooden roof windows:

  • We clean the windows using water and washing liquid.
  • Once every two years, we should use a wood impregnating agent for surface Protection purposes.