Wooden beams on the ceiling – tips

Choosing a ceiling system is one of the most important decisions you need to make before building a house. While the elevation or roof can be replaced, the ceiling must in most cases serve as long as the entire building.

Wooden ceilings

Ceiling systems are divided in two kinds: above basements, between floors and attic. Wooden ceilings were widely used until the 1940s in both wooden and brick construction. Recently, these wooden ceiling beams are used mainly in wooden buildings for temporary and single-family Residential purposes. The most common ceilings in wooden and masonry construction are shown in the figure.

Where can wooden ceiling beams be used?

The beam ceiling is easy to install. Its installation is as simple as when the ceiling block is installed. Thanks to this, it is suitable for work carried out by the economic method.

The construction of a house with a beam ceiling is particularly recommended for brick technology and for the construction of log buildings. Brick houses can be equipped with a beam ceiling under the upper floor of the building. Ideally suited to an unused attic.

The construction of wooden ceilings is specific and requires care during execution. Wooden log houses are usually fitted with a Solid wood ceiling. Its advantage will be high durability and appreciated decorative qualities, which various types of wooden ceilings can boast in a wide range of choices.

Rib and beam-rib types of ceilings work better in frame construction. Wooden ceilings of this type are particularly appreciated in the technology of building Scandinavian and Canadian houses, where ceiling blocks do not work.

wooden ceiling beams

Structural or decorative element?

A thick ceiling beam in a wooden house – it is an element that blends perfectly with the surroundings. Sometimes its role is strictly aesthetic, but in many cases it is a key part of the building’s structure. Structural wooden ceiling beams are most often used in brick or wooden houses built using the traditional method.

An alternative to this solution is the entire ceiling made of beams and boards (primarily if the attic is included in the building). The structure can be built-in with a suspended ceiling or left visible, making it an interior decoration. Of course, this requires accuracy and precision.

It also happens that we decide to expose the old wooden ceiling and ceiling beams during renovation works. It’s a great idea, although its implementation will require a lot of work. Decorative beams no longer play a structural role, and their removal will in no way affect the safety of use of the building.

So, we do not have to pay attention even to the strength of the wooden beam or its thickness. Decorative beams can be decided at any time and included in the arrangement, e.g. during general renovations.

To which style will it suit?

Wooden ceiling beams turn out to be extremely versatile – they are used in many attractive architectural styles:

  • The basis here is rustic style, also called rural style.
  • It also works great in a Scandinavian interior. They are filled with bright colors and are eager to use natural wood.
  • Beams on the ceiling should also be displayed in an industrial apartment, i. e. in a post-production style.
  • A wooden beam is also a Good solution for classic and elegant interiors.